HVCLC Honor Roll for Primary Election Phone Banking

Over the two week period from July 22 to Aug 2, 2014, 23 members of HVCLC affiliates (and the WCAT), from ten local unions belonging to eight international unions made the time in their busy schedules to do at least one 2.5 hour phone bank shift following up on our letter to 3,100 Washtenaw County union members :

Dave Alber (IATSE Local 395)
Marc Ammerlaan (LEO, AFT-MI Local 6244)
Toni Coral (AFT-MI, Local 1052)
Mark Coryell (AFGE Local 3907)
David Frye (LEO, AFT-MI Local 6244)
Steve Gulick (Iron Workers Local 25)
Nancy Heine (AFSCME, Local 3052)
James Johnson (IBEW Local 252)
Chuck Madenjian (AFGE Local 723)
Carl Martin (TWU Local 171)
Kate Mendeloff (LEO, AFT-MI Local 6244)
Wes Prater (IAFF Local 693)
Ian Robinson (LEO, AFT-MI Local 6244)
Jeanie Robinson (WCAT)
Julie Rowe (AFT-MI)
Deb Schmidt (AFSCME Local 3052)
Rob Sulewski (LEO, AFT-MI Local 6244)
Laura Thomas (LEO, AFT-MI Local 6244)
Joe Walls (LEO, AFT-MI Local 6244)
Sandra Walls (LEO, AT-MI Local 6244)
John Ware (GEO, AFT-MI Local 3550)
Tad Wysor (AFGE Local 3907)
Robin Zheng (GEO, AFT-MI Local 3550)

When we help to get pro-labor candidates elected to public office, we strengthen our local labor movement! Thank you all for your hard work on behalf of the cause.


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