HVCLC-Endorsed Candidates Win Ann Arbor Election

All four of the candidates endorsed by the HVCLC in the Ann Arbor City Council elections won on Tuesday night! Here are the final vote tallies for each of our candidates, followed by the number of votes won by their opponents.

Zach Ackerman: 947-907 Margin: 40 votes
Sabra Briere: 690-287 Margin: 403 votes
Jack Eaton: 1,082-709 Margin: 373 votes
Chip Smith: 1,613-1,302 Margin: 311 votes

We can’t take all the credit for these victories, clearly, but we most certainly contributed to them.

Thanks to all HVCLC volunteers who participated in our phone banks, and to leaders, delegates and activists who shared our endorsements with their members!


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