HVALF endorses millages to keep our local education and transportation infrastructure strong

The Huron Valley Area Labor Federation has endorsed two millages. One is for Washtenaw Community College (WCC) to preserve and restore funding for education in our community. Voters residing in Washtenaw County will vote on a 0.85 operating millage proposal for Washtenaw Community College. You can learn more about the Washtenaw Community College millage by visiting: http://sites.wccnet.edu/millage/. Revenue from this millage will provide vital support to WCC.

The second HVALF endorsed millage is for the City of Ann Arbor to preserve funding for infrastructure projects. According to the City’s website, “Since 2011, the street and sidewalk millage has paid to resurface or reconstruct 40 miles of road, replace 17 miles of sidewalk, repair 22,000 sidewalk slabs, and add or improve bike lanes and shared use paths.” For information on the Ann Arbor Street, Bridge and Sidewalk Millage, including specific ballot language, please visit: http://www.a2gov.org/departments/engineering/pages/street-and-sidewalk-millage.aspx.

Both millages will appear on the ballot August 2, 2016. The ballot language is included in the images that accompany this blog post.


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