Robofraud – UIA Computers Falsely Accuse Laid-off Workers of Fraud

The Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) is falsely accusing laid-off workers of fraud. The UIA used a computer to make decisions about fraud accusations without any human oversight. The computer sent messages to obscure electronic message sites, often 6 months or longer after an individual had returned to work. When the individuals didn’t respond, the computer found them guilty of fraud and assessed 400% penalties plus 12% interest.

Innocent jobless workers were falsely convicted of fraud 92% of the time by a computer! HB 4982, sponsored by Rep. Roger Victory, will fix this gross miscarriage of justice.

HB 4982 would require the UIA to send second notifications of UI benefit redeterminations to laid-off workers by certified mail. The bill also requires human review of computer “Robofraud” accusations to make sure that the individual willfully and intentionally violated the law before pursuing an accusation or imposing fines.

We need your help to right this wrong and stop the persecution of innocent jobless workers! You can help by following these three easy steps:

1. Use this tool to find your legislator:

2. Find out if your legislator has co-sponsored the bill here:

3. Call or email your legislator and speak to them about HB 4982.

If your legislator has sponsored the HB 4982, thank them. If they have not, explain why this bill is important and ask them to support HB 4982. This bill is important because we know dislocated workers in our own community who have been charged with fraud by the Unemployment Insurance Agency’s computers. Tell them that Rep. Roger Victory has sponsored a bill, HB 4982, that addresses some of the issues currently wrong with the system and ask your representative to vote on this bill as released by committee.

Tell your representative not to allow amendments to this bill as it is a bi-partisan bill that was voted out of committee unanimously. It’s important that the bill’s provisions not be watered down if we are to win justice for dislocated workers.