Defend Teachers – Fight for a Secure Retirement

When: Thursday December 1, 2:30 – 7:00 PM
Where: 4141 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103-1827
Facebook event

The Republican leadership of the Michigan Legislature is mounting an attack on educator pensions during the “lame duck” session. We all have a stake in fighting to preserve, and expand good pension programs that provide a guarantee benefit and security after a lifetime of hard work. We all have a dog in this fight. Our opponents hope we will divide and fall. If public sector, including K-12 teachers’ pensions are attacked successfully this time, we can expect emboldened attacks on all our benefits at the bargaining table. People who work for a living need to stand together at moments like this. Join us as we call our sisters, brothers, and friends across Michigan and organize them against these attacks.

We will call our members across the state to mobolize them against this effort. We’ll be able to patch them through to their legislators and spread the message that working people don’t want policies that undermine people’s retirement security.