HVALF Phone Banks Week of 12-12

Sisters and brothers,

We’ve decided to cancel Sunday’s phone bank due to the bad weather. The phone banks planned for Monday through Thursday of this week, starting at 2pm and running to 7pm, will go forward as planned.

WHAT: Union Phone Bank
WHEN: Monday Dec 12 – Thursday Dec 15, 2 – 7 PM
WHERE: Ann Arbor Education Association office, 4141 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor

We need to shut down the rest of the lame duck session. We’ve been quite successful, thus far, by reaching out to the union members who live in Republican Districts, explaining the situation, and asking them to phone their Representatives or Senators to let them know that they oppose these far right initiatives.

Moreover, these calls have more lasting effects. They increase members’ awareness about what the Republicans are actually doing. Without our help, how can our members keep track of the flurry of anti-union, anti-democratic changes that ALEC and the DeVos family shove through whenever there is an opportunity. And they give members a sense that they are part of a much bigger, state-wide resistance movement. We are all in this together.

You don’t have to come for the whole five hours. Take a break from whatever else you’re doing and phone bank for any two hours that work for you.

If you’re coming on one of the week days, please let our Field Coordinator, Jake Altman (hvalfwork@gmail.com) know you’re coming!

Hope to see you soon!

In Solidarity,
Ian Robinson
HVALF President