Protect Community Mental Health – Phone Banks on 5/3 and 5/4

Sisters, Brothers, and Friends: 

Lansing is trying to privatize Community Mental Health funding. This will take essential resources, hundreds of millions of dollars, from Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens and put those dollars into the pockets of private insurers. We’re leading the fight to defend CMH from privatization.  
Join the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation for phone banks into targeted districts. This effort can’t wait. 
When: 5pm to 7pm on Wednesday, May 3rd, and Thursday, May 4th.
Where: Lecturers’ Employee Organization (339 E. Liberty, Suite 340, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104)
Please share this with your other lists and with the members of your local unions and organizations. It is so important that we protect our essential services from profiteers. The more folks who join us to make calls the more pressure we can put on Lansing.