AFGE Phone Bank Thurs 5-25 – Protect VA Workers

AFGE Phone Bank on H.R. 1461
5:30-7:30 pm, Thursday 5/25/17
LEO/GEO Office
339 E Liberty St, Suite 340
Ann Arbor 48104 (Close parking at underground Library lot.)

We hope you will join with other AFGE members and supporters as we call AFGE members around the state with a simple ask:  we want them to call their GOP Member of Congress’ office and express opposition to the extreme bill under consideration:  H.R. 1461 (links to more info on the bill are below).  We want to create a barrage of calls into these Michigan representative’s offices, so they will clearly understand how many of their constituents are watching, whose livelihood and effectiveness at work are being threatened…and who are definitely planning to vote.

The bill would directly affect our AFGE sisters and brothers at the VA, but if it passes it will very likely become the model for attacking all of us in the Federal service.  This is shortsighted and misinformed legislation, and it is clearly designed to weaken the collective voice of Federal employees, a voice that the American people need us to be able to exercise to keep government working and honest and transparent.

Resources: What You Need to Know