Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, Votes to Endorse Jack Eaton, Zach Ackerman, Jason Frenzel, Chip Smith, and Jared Hoffert for Ann Arbor City Council

The delegate body of the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, voted to endorse Jack Eaton (Ward 4), Zach Ackerman (Ward 3), Jason Frenzel (Ward 1), Chip Smith (Ward 5), and Jared Hoffert (Ward 2) for Ann Arbor City Council. We endorsed these candidates for a simple reason. They will fight for working people.

When a few billionaires can use their nearly unimaginable wealth to influence our politics, our jobs, and our lives, working people across the nation are standing up to say, “we’ve had enough.” That’s why the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation is standing by these candidates.

Our endorsement process is designed to be comprehensive and efficient. Candidates who fill out the HVALF’s on-line questionnaire are invited for interviews. All candidates must fill out the questionnaire to be recommended or endorsed. Everyone who fills out an HVALF questionnaire is invited to meet with the HVALF’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) for an interview. The COPE discusses information gathered from the questionnaire, the interview and other sources, and makes recommendations to the full HVALF delegate body at its next monthly meeting. The delegate body discusses the COPE’s recommendations and votes on each.

Free and independent trade unions – the collective organizations of America’s working people – have been a cornerstone of our democracy for over a century. We are working hard to rebuild our labor movement. We support strong candidates who will unequivocally stand up for working people and their unions. Their support is vital to our efforts to build a strong labor movement, a stronger democracy, and a better America. Join us on Facebook by searching Huron Valley Area Labor Federation/AFL-CIO and send us a message or call our office at 734-730-4356 to get involved.


Pension Protection Phone Banks 4-26 – 4-28

Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:

We’ve heard that a bad pension bill similar to the one we stopped in the “lame duck” session may very well be back before the legislature in the coming weeks. We made thousands of calls to members, patching them through to their legislators, during “lame duck.” Together we stopped a bad bill. It’s time to fight again and preempt any bad legislation that would hurt our vital public servants.

We’ll be working out of the Ann Arbor Education Association Office (located in the credit union building) on 4141 Jackson Rd in Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Please stop by and help us spread the word about this attack on working people. We’ll be making calls from 3pm to 7pm beginning tomorrow, April 26, and going through Friday, April 28.


Dean Baker in Ann Arbor Area March 2017

Dean Baker Events

HVALF invites the local labor and progressive community to attend one of three talks by economist Dean Baker, who will be leading a discussion on his new book Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer (free e-book):

University of Michigan:
Tuesday March 28, 7 – 9 PM,
Room 100, U-M Grad (Hatcher) Library Gallery, 913 S University Ave, Ann Arbor
Library Location and Nearby Parking
(HVALF President Ian Robinson will introduce Dean Baker at this event)

Jackson, Michigan
Wednesday March 29, 7 – 9 PM,
Carnegie Branch, Jackson District Library
244 W Michigan Ave, Jackson, 49201

Washtenaw Community College:
Thursday March 30, 4 – 6 PM,
Morris Lawrence  Building, Room 150
Washtenaw Community College is at 4800 E Huron River Dr, Ann Arbor, 48105
WCC Campus and Parking Map
Facebook event

Rally on Tuesday, March 7, for EMUFT

EMUFT, the lecturers’ local at Eastern Michigan University, is holding a bargaining rally and march on Tuesday, March 7, beginning at 4:30pm at Pray-Harrold on EMU’s campus (E Circle Dr, Ypsilanti, MI 48197). Stand with EMUFT’s members and help them demonstrate the strength and solidarity of our movement.

Download flyer (PDF)

Campaign Canvassing Kick-off Sat Oct 1

When: Saturday October 1, 10 AM
Where: Liuna Office, 3080 Platt Road, Ann Arbor, 48108
Facebook event

This Saturday, the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation will begin knocking doors to encourage people to vote for pro-education, pro-labor candidates in November. We will campaign for Donna Lasinski for the 52 nd district of the Michigan State House, and also for the re-election of UM Regents Laurence Deitch and Denise Ilitch.

We need pro-labor representatives in the State House so that they can prevent further anti-labor legislation and start putting forth pro-labor laws! And having Regents who support us will give GEO and LEO a lot more power at the bargaining table! Each of these campaigns is winnable, but we have to knock as many doors and talk to as many voters as we can!

Statewide, AFT has a goal of knocking on 350,000 doors—which comes out to about 1 (~3-hour) shift for every 50 union members. For GEO that’s about 26-28 shifts, which is very doable! In fact, we could do it in one day (and again every week after that)! Any number of shifts you can take will be appreciated, and the more shifts you can take, the better we’ll do! Other unions, including UM-LEO and EMUFT, will be knocking doors with us, so we need to do our part as well.

If you have any questions about the canvassing, please feel free to contact Rebecca Thomas ( or Jesse Holloway ( If you plan on coming out to knock doors, please RSVP to this event!

If you can’t make it on Saturdays, come to knock doors on our dedicated UM walk nights on Thursdays, 4-7pm.

Debate Watching Party Mon 9-26

Join the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation for a Presidential Debate Watching Party, preceded by a Q&A with leaders of the American Federation of Teachers:

When: Monday September 26, 8:30 PM
Where: IBEW Local 252, 7920 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor

Flyer (PDF)

Fall 2016 HVALF Endorsements

Brothers, Sisters, Friends:

This election is vital for working families. We desperately need an economy that works for all people. To get such an economy, we need to help elect people who will fight for fairness and equity in our communities! On Tuesday, November 8 ,you have an opportunity to vote for candidates who have fought and will fight for us. It’s vital that we all turn out and support worker-friendly candidates this November. Below, you will find a list of our endorsed candidates.

The process we used to identify labor-friendly candidates had several steps:

  • As candidates approach us about endorsements, they complete an on-line survey to get our consideration. This survey covered a range of issues that matter to our members: wages, healthcare, retirement benefits, prevailing wage, and others.
  • The HVALF’s Committee on Political Education (COPE), which includes all members of our Executive Committee plus other delegates interested in participating, read each response.
  • We then met briefly the candidates who filled out our survey. This allowed us to ask follow-up questions and gave the candidates a chance to add to what they wrote in the survey.
  • With this information, supplemented with additional research where we thought it useful, the COPE made recommendations to the HVALF’s Delegate body at our monthly meeting.
  • The HVCLC Delegates discussed and voted on the COPE’s recommendations, with the results you’ll see on our list of endorsed candidates on the opposite side of this page.
  • Would you like to read candidates’ answers to our on-line surveys? As a member of one of our affiliates, we are happy to share that information with you. Just contact Ian Robinson at and he will send you a link to the HVALF shared documents folder where the responses are stored.

    Questions? Want to help our volunteers phone bank or canvass before November? Contact Jake Altman (734-730-4356).

    Here is a printable version of the endorsements list (PDF).

    State-Level Endorsements

    2016 State House

    • State House #52 (Washtenaw): Donna Lasinski
    • StateHouse#53(Washtenaw):Yousef Rabhi
    • State House #54 (Washtenaw): Ronnie Peterson
    • State House #55 (Washtenaw): Adam Zemke
    • State House #64 (Jackson): Ronald Kenneth Brooks

    Michigan Supreme Court

    • Debra Thomas

    State Board of Education

    • John Austin
    • Ismael Ahmed

    University of Michigan Regents

    • Larry Deitch
    • Denise Ilitch

    Michigan State University Trustees

    • Dianne Byrum
    • Diann Woodard

    Wayne State University Board of Governors

    • Mark Gaffney
    • Yvette Anderson

    2016 Local Government Endorsements

    Washtenaw County Sheriff

    • Jerry Clayton

    Washtenaw County Treasurer

    • Catherine McClary

    Washtenaw County Commission

    • District 1: Kent Martinez-Kratz
    • District 2: Michelle Deatrick
    • District 4: Felicia Brabec
    • District 6: Ricky Lee Jefferson
    • District 7: Andy LaBarre
    • District 8: Jason Morgan
    • District 9: Conan Smith

    Washtenaw County 14A District Court

    • Robin Stephens

    Washtenaw County College Trustee

    • Dilip Das
    • Marisa Huston

    Washtenaw County Millages

    • Washtenaw County 1.2-mill for Regional Transit

    Ann Arbor City Council

    • Ward 1: Sumi Kailasapathy
    • Ward 2: Kirk Westphal
    • Ward 3: Julie Grand
    • Ward 4: Graydon Krapohl
    • Ward 5: Chuck Warpehoski

    Ann Arbor School Board

    • Jeff Gaynor
    • Hunter Van Valkenburg
    • Harmony Mitchell

    Ypsilanti City Council

    • Ward 1: Lois Elizabeth Richardson
    • Ward 3: Peter Murdock

    Ypsilanti Township

    • Supervisor: Brenda Stumbo
    • Treasurer: Larry Doe
    • Clerk: Karen Lovejoy Roe
    • Trustees (4 seats): Jimmie Wilson Jr., Stanley Eldrich,Heather Jarrell Roe and Monica Ross-Williams
    • Park Commissioner: Gloria Peterson

    Pittsfield Township

    • Supervisor: Mandy Grewal
    • Treasurer: Pat Scribner
    • Clerk: Michelle Anzaldi
    • Trustees (4 seats): Linda Edwards Brown, Gerald Krone, George Ralph, and Yameen Jaffer

    Superior Township

    • Trustee: Rodrick Kevin Green

    Livingston County Commission

    • Dennis Andrzyczak District 4
    • Kristina Drake District 8

    Hamburg Township (Livingston County)

    • Trustee: Dan Luria

    Brighton Township (Livingston County)

    • Trustee: Jim Sarna